Tuesday, July 10, 2012

4 Month Stats

Just for my own memory's sake...
We took Lowen to the dr. yesterday for her 4 month well check. She weighs 13 lb 13.5 oz, and is 24.5 inches long. (50th percentile for both) I looked back at Lyla's baby book, and Lyla was 24 inches long and 13 lb 11.5 oz. Super similar! Lowen had her shots, and did the pitiful face turns red and no sound coming out cry. Talk about heart breaking. But, she fell asleep the second I got her in the car, and Lyla and I went to Panera to split a cookie and get me some coffee to celebrate Lowen's 4 month appointment. :) (And Lyla being so well-behaved during the appointment) You know, any excuse for a cookie date with my girl!

Oh, and as I was getting ready for the appointment, I put Lowen on her back on her activity mat, and the next time I looked over, she was completely on her tummy! She was just showing off for her pediatrician! :)

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