Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Back from the Beach!

We just returned from our annual trip to Seaside with John David's family. We weren't sure until last minute if we were going to be able to go, with John David's workload. But, I'm SOOOO thankful it worked out for us to be there! It was absolutely wonderful. A little slice of Heaven. The girls did AWESOME on the trip there and back, and they both loved the beach! Lyla played so well in the ocean and sand, doing all her gymnastics tricks, building sandcastles, and playing with her cousins. And Lowen took great naps in her little tent. We seriously had THE BEST time!! Once again, I could not narrow down the pictures, so here you go...

We arrived on Tuesday, and that night, we went to eat at Barago's, an annual tradition. It was such a fun night!!

"where is thumpkin?"
These 2 were little peas in a pod all week. They love each other and play SO well together!

Making a wish
After dinner, we walked around Seaside and Uncle John bought Lyla and Maggie matching goodies from the toy store...a baby doll, a sea horse ring, and a puppy dog purse. Score!

The next morning, we woke up and got ready for the 4th of July Parade! Someone was excited!!

They waved and worked their charm to rack up on tons of candy and necklaces...
which Lyla brilliantly stored in her purse.

assessing their parade treats
Then off to the beach we went! Hung out all morning, then went back for naps to gear up for the festivities that night...

Michelle wins every year for the most adorable outfits ever!!!

(please notice lyla and john morris's hands. love!!)

listening to the live music, eating a snowcone, and enjoying their light up toys from Michael

As soon as her "Barbie" snowcone ended, the melt down began.
I mean, all. out. fit.
So, we scooped her up and carried her home kicking and screaming before the fireworks began. This little girl doesn't do well when she misses her bedtime. :)
The second we got home to piggy and passy, she was happy as a lark. So, we took her out on the balcony and watched the fireworks from there. It ended up being the sweetest memory! I absolutely loved hearing her little commentary throughout the show. She was sure to point out every color she saw.
Back at the beach the next day!

That night, we enjoyed a delicious dinner at Great Southern (our favorite!), and then walked around Seaside once again. Evenings there are so relaxing, and the weather this year was amazing. 
I couldn't stop taking pictures of this sweet girl.

Lyla got some ice cream, then we headed over to the Ruskin Lawn to let all the kids run around.
Lowen cruised around town in the BOB all week :)

After running around, John David and I took Lyla and Lowen to the beach and Lyla go for a night swim. She LOVED it! It's funny because she's so scared of the pool, but swims like a fish in the ocean! Go figure.

Lowen and I contently sat and watched. Such a nice night.

Aunt Ali trimmed Lyla's hair and I LOVE it!! 
just in her own little world, singing and playing

We very last minute decided to drive to Texarkana on Saturday so we could go to Dana's wedding that night. I'm so glad we did. It was so much fun! On Sunday, we got to go to church and see sweet friends, then ate lunch and headed back to the Ville. It was a wonderful week! We are so blessed!
Thank you Jan Jan and Pop!!!!!


  1. OMGosh. Can any of these children be MORE cute? You are definitely blessed.

  2. The picture of John David tossing Lyla in the air in the ocean is a.maz.ing. Love!