Sunday, July 15, 2012

Fat Tire Festival

A.K.A. Blagg Family Day of Fun!
The Fat Tire Bike Festival was in Eureka Springs on Saturday. Since John David LOVES riding mountain bikes, he got super pumped about this and planned an entire day for us in Eureka Springs. Now, the type A part of me gets all anxious about things like this because I think, "but, how/where will the girls nap? where am I going to pump/feed Lowen every 3 hours?", etc. But, I'm SO thankful that I'm married to someone like John David to get me out of my comfort zone and force me to do fun things like this. Because the day truly was so fun and everything with the kiddos worked out perfectly. Thank you Lord for such a fun day with my family! The weather was perfect (high 70's and overcast!), and I kept feeling like JD and I were dating know, except for the two kiddos tagging along.
Our first stop was this delicious bakery that had just opened. We totally scored here. Lyla's donut was hot and fresh out of the oven. And our sausage and eggs were made fresh right when we got there. We then headed to watch the downhill race. Little did we know this involved a huge hike up a mountain to this really big jump. Lyla did awesome, and it felt so good to get some exercise after our big ole breakfast. :)

Of course, Lyla got tired throughout the hike and wanted me to "hold you" half the time, resulting in a good workout for this Mama :)
Lowen literally hung out in this ALL day, and loved it! I don't think we heard one peep from her all day.
This was the big jump we hiked up to watch. We did watch one guy totally bite it. Poor thing.
This little girl was pretty worn out after our hike :)
But not too worn out to make a "silly face" with rocks!
I know it was killing John David not to grab a random bike and join these guys! It actually made me want to start riding again!
We hiked back down, and then picked up some Bubba's BBQ and took it to the King's River for a little picnic and swim...

We totally belong on a Subaru commercial :)
Not much swimming going on since the water was so low, but we walked around, threw rocks, and looked at fish instead.
And this little girl is just happy as a lark practicing her new rolling trick! The SECOND I place her on her back, she rolls straight over to her tummy. So proud.

After the River, we loaded up and went to Harmon Park to watch the Trials Competition. Thankfully, Lyla fell asleep on the way, so I sat with her in the car while she got a good nap in, then we met up with JD and Lowen to watch all the cool tricks...

Lyla played on the playground for a long time, then we headed to eat dinner at Local Flavor. Oh. My. Word. JD said they should rename it "Local Unbelievable In My Mouth" ha! It was seriously delicious!
Thankfully, this sweet girl got a nap in. Seriously, ANGEL!
In case you are wondering, that is sesame encrusted goat cheese with a balsamic reduction. (that was for you, Mom. We felt like judges on Chopped.)
Even this girl loved her dinner!
What a fun, fun day! And it must have worn us out because we all slept in until 8:00 this morning which is a miracle in this house! 

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