Monday, July 2, 2012

Lowen is 4 months old!

I couldn't decide on just one picture because she looks so different (and so stinkin' cute) in all of these...
Lyla was making her giggle in this one :)
Trying to sit up like a big girl!
Cheese!! (This time Daddy is so funny. And this one looks most like Lyla at 4 months.)
And just plain precious.

Let's the past month, she's moved up to level 2 diapers, started drooling like a champ, discovered her 2 fingers (pointer and middle) that she loves to suck on and will self-soothe herself to sleep! This is awesome to me because Lyla never did this and was completely dependent on her passy. She's started giggling, and it just might be my favorite sound/sight on the planet. She still loves some face-time and smiles so big when anyone talks to her. She has definitely found her voice and tells the sweetest little stories. Her voice reminds me exactly of Lyla's at her age. Kinda deep and raspy and sweet. She still so patiently puts up with her crazy sister yelling and screaming in her face, tickling her, singing to her, kissing her, etc. She sat in a few exer-saucers for the first time and seems to like it. Ours is still in storage, so I've just been putting her in them when we go to friend's houses. :) 

I'm still a pumping machine...just pumping and giving bottles. This past month has started to really wear on me and I've been super tempted to quit several times. But, I'm trying to persevere for the next 2 months and make it to 6 months. She drinks 4.5 oz. every 3 hours, and is still waking up every night. (ugh.) Usually only once, occasionally twice. I only feed her 3 oz. when she does to hopefully wean her soon. I was spoiled rotten having Lyla sleep through the night so early, so I keep having to tell myself this could be worse. Oh and she's officially weaned from the swaddle. Woo hoo!

I go to the dr. in a week for her 4 month check up and shots, so I'll find out her stats then. But, she's definitely fattened up this month! She's starting to look like a real baby. :) Holding her head up so well, and rolling from her tummy to her back. When she's on her back, she rolls to her side, but can't quite make it all the way over to her tummy. I bet it happens this next month. :)

I guess that's about it! If you made it this far, I'm sorry I just bored you to tears. But, this is Lowen's baby book and I don't want to forget anything. :) 
Happy 4 months Lowie!!


  1. All the pics are adorable, but that first one makes me want to just smother her with kisses! She's absolute perfection.

    Two questions - how did you wean her from the swaddle (I know we're not ready, but I'm starting to have visions of him swaddled for life) and are you teaching her to do that? Charlie is refusing to sleep anywhere but in our arms during the day, so I've started "sleep training", but it's so frustrating.

  2. So sweet, all of those pics are sooo cute! I love reading everything about your kiddos. Hope she starts sleeping through the night soon, I know that's rough! Love you, hope ya'll are having a blast in Seaside!

  3. how do you pronounce her name......"LAU-REN"....or is it actually "LOW-WEN".....i hope it's "lauren"....Lowen sounds weird.

    But boy is she ever cute!!!!!

  4. that's the first time I've seen you call her Lowie. Love. it. And no, Lowen doesn't sound "weird". I would know. :)

  5. i don't me Lowen sounds like a little kid who has trouble pronouncing "r's" trying to say Lauren.