Saturday, July 21, 2012

Picture Catch Up

Another night at Concert in the Park...

she loves blowing bubbles :)
Showing little sister how to dance :)

Lyla had her first Dentist experience and she did AWESOME! In fact, she begged to go back for several days. I'm pretty sure she thinks it was Disney World. She got to watch The Little Mermaid on the ceiling, and got a princess ring when we left. She had been complaining about pain in her mouth for several days, so I made her an appointment...turns out it was 2 big canker sores. Poor baby. She inherited those from her Mommy and Cookie! And we KNOW how badly those hurt! She truly was pitiful for a few days (especially when she tried to eat) but thankfully they are all cleared up now, and the Dentist said her teeth look great! Thankful that she loves the Dentist now too!
This is an old random photo off my iphone...we stopped at Five Guys Burgers on our way home from Florida, and it was SO GOOD. Plus, Lyla's smile is just the cutest in this pic. :)
 She's getting too big!!!
Taking a little nap on Daddy. Nothing sweeter.
 Lyla wanted in on the snuggles as soon as Lowen woke up (or maybe she woke her up by climbing up there...that's more likely)
 We've created this terrible, yet wonderful habit of pulling Lowen in bed with us when she wakes up in the early morning hours. It's just the sweetest!!
 Aunt Ali and Uncle Cody brought this dress back from Mexico for Lyla...and look who fits in it now!
 My little Senoritas
 She loves using Daddy's beard as a lovie. And, yes, they look like twins here.
 Friday morning, we had a playdate with tons of sweet friends at the Bentonville Splash Park.
 just waving at a random passerby

a few of the other Mamas
This sweet girl hung out in her carseat the entire time. NOT ready for her to be mobile. I'm really enjoying this age because I know it will all change! :)
 Right next to the splash park is both a snowcone stand and a crepe place. So, Lyla's lunch consisted of a "Barbie" snowcone and a strawberry nutella crepe. Clearly, Lyla was happy about this. Mom of the year, I know.
 Lovin' some tummy time!

She can sit up on her own for a few seconds at a time. Love it when they master this trick. She hates lying flat on her back.

Hope everyone's having a happy Saturday! John David is riding his mountain bike this morning, so I'm about to take the girls to eat Donuts. (We've GOT to get back on the Paleo Train!! Maybe tomorrow.) :)

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