Monday, July 30, 2012

The past week in pics

I've been snapping away as usual, trying to capture these fun little memories...starting with a community group fun night at the Rollerskating Rink!! Literally, for 3 years, EVERY single time we have passed the Roller Rink, John David says, "I really want to go there!" It's kinda become a running joke. Well, his dream finally came true last Wednesday. And it did not disappoint! 

 busting out a little arabesque
 Now this was the real winner of the night! Lyla figured out that she could stand on these things, and JD and I just took turns pushing her round and round. She had a BLAST and did not want to leave!! Of course, she has talked about it every day since.
 On our way home, we checked the mail and Lyla got a letter from Cookie!! You should have seen her face light up when I handed it to her! Getting mail is SO fun. :) She opened it "all by myself" and squealed with glee when she saw her own little pinkalicious tags. It doesn't take much to make a girls day. She felt so special. Thanks Cookie! :)
 Just about my favorite sight ever...actually using her "reading corner" to read. :)
And she's real into pretending to read. My favorites are the books I've read so many times that she's memorized, and I feel like she actually IS reading them. Nothing cuter.

 Lowen tried Rice Cereal for the first time ever last Thursday. Of course, Lyla then wanted her own bowl of cereal. I had good intentions of doing it every day, but I haven't done it since. :)

 She decided she'd rather just chew on her fingers
 It got a little messy :)
 My lounging girls

 HAPPY girl to finally have an exersaucer to play in (Thanks Katie!!)

Thursday night we enjoyed a delicious dinner at Katie and Andrew's, and then the adults actually visited on the patio while all the kids happily played in the playroom all night (and Lowen slept on their bed). A true miracle, for sure!! 
 We are loving the Olympics around here! Lyla officially wants to LIVE in her leotards.
And we've got a mobile girl on our hands! I placed her on her back on the activity mat, walked away for 10 seconds, and came back to find her on her tummy, under her bed. 
 Last Friday, we went to Lokomotion with Patrick, Lacey, John William, and the Hills in town from Dumas. John David and Lyla rode bumper boats and go-karts, and we all played a round of putt putt golf. Although we ended up staying up entirely too late, it was SO much fun. 
 the first hole of the excited
 the last hole of the sad. 
(we won't mention the fit she threw that resulted in the girl letting her keep her golf ball. nice lesson learned.)

On Saturday night, we went to George's to see Boom Kinetic. One of our friends from community group plays in the band, so several of us went to watch them. We decided we are officially too old for such things. :) Although I had so much fun with these girls, my ears were ringing the rest of the night and I almost fell asleep in church from staying up WAY past my bedtime. :)

Sunday after naps, we went to Sarah Boyce's parents house to swim, grill out, and watch the Olympics. Good ole American summer night.

they were real into making funny faces

Lyla kept walking around on her toes like this. Pretty impressive!

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