Sunday, August 26, 2012

Marc and Michelle's Shower

Saturday night, we had a baby shower for our dear friends, Marc and Michelle. Michelle and I were Pi Phis together, and we have been in community group with them for the past 3 years. They battled with infertility for a long, long time. Our hearts have ached with them, and they have been bathed in prayer as we have walked through this journey with them...and we now get to REJOICE and praise God for the blessing and miracle of their baby girl, Maren, who will be here in about 7 weeks! We truly could not be more excited for them to become parents (and they will be amazing parents!), and we had SO much fun celebrating with a couples shower...truly, I think the most fun I've had at a baby shower ever.

the favors were coffee mugs with a package of coffee inside
gorgeous flower arrangements (and entire party planned) by the infamous Katie Henry :)
We did desserts and many delicious desserts to choose from!

We ended the night with all the remaining girls laughing and chatting around this table...we had to drag ourselves away at 11:30 to relieve the babysitter. Could have stayed all night.

And this was the best part of the night...a photo booth, where we took polaroid pictures and put together a book for Maren. Absolutely hilarious. John David had us laughing SO HARD.

The parents to be!
laughing at Andrew's card to Marc
All the hosts

Maren, we love you SO much already!!! Can't wait to meet you!! :)

Friday Night

We had a wonderful weekend! LOVE weekends in Fayetteville!! Our friends, Jonathan and Leah, were in town so we met up with them, the Smiths, and the Henry's for pizza at Wilson Park. The weather was perfection (until it started to sprinkle at the end, but even that felt good!) 

 little cuties in the tub!!
 such a big helper washing her sisters "hair" 

 cutest monster I've ever seen

 Lyla's clearly sleepy...but nothing better than clean babies in their hoodies!!

 JD was reading to Lyla before bed, and I heard them laughing SO hard. Greatest sound ever. Of course I had to grab my camera and go capture the happy moment. Love.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Max turns One!

We went to Dallas this past weekend for my nephew's first birthday party. Julia threw him the CUTEST "vintage baseball" themed party, and we had so much fun!!! Happy Birthday sweet Max! 

 (they are not normal)

The adorable and delicious spread 
(sidenote: that framed picture on the back left side is my dad playing ball back in the day.)  :)

 the birthday boy!
 Big Sister showing him how to do it :)
 Cute Mama with the birthday boy!
 Can you tell everyone had fun with these mustaches?
 Even 90 year old Grandmama!

 John David was holding Lowen, just talking away, and I look over to see her sound asleep on his hand. Little Angel!!

 Sweet Olivia broke her arm at Camp last week! But that didn't stop her from doing some cheers with Lyla! (and btw, never heard her complain about it once! She's seriously more mature than I am, hands down.)
 Thankful for the iPad to entertain so that we can stay late and spend more time together! :)
 A sleepy crew watching TV together (yes, Lowen fell asleep on Daddy once again! Thankful she's a girl who's good at being on the go!)
 Every once in a while, Whitney and I have to make sure we still remember our high school fight song and "R-I". Yep, we've still got it. And we had an audience trying to copy our every move. 
GOOOO Eagles!!!!
Once again...Angel Face. I want to eat her.

Although it was a FAST weekend (we got in at 11:30 pm Friday night, and left after church and lunch on Sunday), I really felt like we got some good quality time with family. I truly soak up every single second with them! Lyla played SO well with her cousins, which allowed for actual catch up time with adults. Even a few rounds of Bananagrams. And, of course, some HARD laughs with my brother and sister. Sooooo thankful for my family!!!! Love y'all!!