Wednesday, August 15, 2012

A visit from the Passy Fairy!!

Well, we did it. The day I've been dreading for 3 years. The day we give up Lyla's passy. :( I don't know why I've been so sad about this. Moving to a big girl bed...great! So excited! Potty-training...bring it on! I hate buying diapers. But, the passy...I've held on to it as long as possible. She LOVED that thing. And, plus, it helps her sleep! Nap time and bed time are SO happy for her because it means she gets her piggy and passy. (I only let her have it for sleeping) So, to be honest, I just didn't want to mess with a good thing in case she decided to start fighting her sleep. 

But, with her 3rd birthday quickly approaching, I knew it was time! I've been telling her for the past several months that she's almost 3 and that 3 year olds aren't allowed to have passies. I forewarned her that sometime before her 3rd birthday, the passy fairy was going to come get all her passies and take them to the babies who need them, and leave her a gift in return. She became very fascinated with the passy fairy and would tell everyone we saw about it...even strangers at Walmart. But, out of nowhere, she would always say that the passy fairy was going to bring her a purple ballerina dress. I have no idea where this came from, but she's been saying it for months! So, probably over the past month or so, she's been telling me that she's ready to give her passies to the babies. And I've been putting it off because, as I mentioned, I've been SO scared to let it go (especially when I'm still getting up at night with Lowen!) AND I didn't have a purple ballerina dress! So, Rhea Lana's is going on in Fayetteville this week (a big children's consignment sale) and of course I went to check out the bargains. Well, I was stocked to find a purple ballerina dress in Lyla's size! 

I still hadn't decided when I was going to do it. But, as we were playing outside yesterday evening, Lyla once again, out of the blue, said, "Mommy, I'm ready to give my passies to the passy fairy." And I said, "Great! Because she's coming tonight!" She got SOOOO excited, looked up in the sky and said, "Mommy, I see her coming! She is wearing pink and has on gloves! She's gonna come through my curtains and I'm gonna say 'Hi Passy Fairy! So nice of you to come! I love you so much!" HA! I about died. She remained so excited about it all evening. After a picnic at the park and a bath, we gathered her passies, decorated a bag, and wrote a letter to the passy fairy...

She literally put her passies in the bag and then said "put the passy in the trashy!" (that was from a book we checked out at the library several weeks ago)
she kissed them goodbye
so proud of herself!

She wanted to leave the bag on the playroom table, which was perfect because I have a feeling if it was in her room, she would have snuck right into that bag. So, we left the bag and headed to bed. Happy as can be. We read stories, said prayers, and then as if she had completely forgotten the entire previous hour, she said "where's my passy?" And I said, "remember? we left them for the passy fairy to take to the babies?" Still no tears. Still seemed ok. So, we kissed her and headed out the door.

10 minutes later, still quiet in there and I was literally thinking, "there's NO way it was that easy." 
And it wasn't. :)
Over the next 30 minutes, she would just randomly walk out with different excuses (potty, thirsty, can't find her book, etc.) and she'd peek over at the table to see if the passy fairy had come. And then, after several warnings and a couple spankings...the meltdown began. At one point, I said "Lyla, giving up your passy is a part of getting bigger. Wouldn't it be silly if Mommy and Daddy still had passies??" and through tears, she responded, "NO. That would NOT be silly!" When John David went in to comfort her, she said, "Daddy, I need you to go talk to mama. Tell her I need my passy." 


It seriously broke my heart. I told her that when we go through hard things like this, we have to ask God for help. After several more minutes of talking about it, she said, "Mommy, will you pray for me?" So sweet. So, after prayers, tears, singing lots of songs, and tickling her back...she finally fell asleep right before 10. At 3 am, she got up to go potty, and then ended up in bed with us for the rest of the night. :) Then, at 6:30 am, she woke up like it was Christmas morning, and immediately wanted to go see if the Passy Fairy had come...

And, looky there, she did!!

She got a Dora Mermaid Doll.
And, of course, her purple ballerina dress.

She pretended to read the letter from the Passy Fairy herself, and was just talking jibberish and kept cracking herself up.

Did a little dancing
And then we headed to Rick's to celebrate!!

Whew!! SO relieved to have that behind us. I just got home from having dinner with some girlfriends, and to be honest, was feeling a little guilty leaving John David to put her to bed by himself. He said she went down without a peep and never once asked for her passy! So, maybe it really did work! One child down, one to go. Lowen's already addicted to hers as well...oh boy. :)

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  1. I do not understand why you spanked her?????? I was reading this story and feeling inspired, until reading that comment. How horrifying. She was sad and looking for comfort. Why would you spank a little child who is going through a pretty traumatic event? I literally want to cry just thinking of it. This makes me feel so heartbroken for your children. If you can't even go to your mother for comfort, then what kind of message does that send!?! She's such a little girl, still a baby. I just don't understand where your mothering instincts are. :-(