Monday, August 13, 2012

Another Random Blogpost :)

Time for another recap of random pictures from the past week! 
Starting with Lyla and Lowen in their matching tutus from Jan Jan's friend, Mrs. Lynn. She SO sweetly sent these to the girls a while back, and if you know anything about Lyla...she has to be in the right mood to get her picture taken, and it's a rarity! So, when she brought these tutus out and said she wanted to take pictures, I had to jump on it! Although sadly, none of them turned out very cute. 
 Oh well, we tried...

And this requires an explanation as well. Lyla's new obsession is this show called "Austin and Ally" on the Disney Channel. I probably shouldn't even admit that she watches it considering it's probably for like middle school kids. But, Austin is a musician which means there's singing and dancing, and therefore, Lyla is obsessed!! It's actually replaced Fresh Beat Band around here. I swear, Lyla thinks she's a teenager. She gets offended when I try and put on cartoons for her (as if she's a two year old or something!) Anyway, she has named this Unicorn "Austin" and she LOVES him. Talks to him, dances with him, puts on shows with him, and literally asks me to take her picture with "Austin" and then poses like this...

Lowen is actually sitting up pretty well on her own...although I put a boppy around her because she can teeter over at any second! :)
Also, Lowen has had her first cold over the past week. :( She's still SO sweet and happy, eating great, and sleeping great. But, she has the saddest little cough, a runny nose, and just looks so pititful. I decided to put on a Praise Baby DVD for my sick little baby girl, and of course Lyla loved it as well.

Look at that sweet, pitiful face!!

oh, and Lyla requested some popcorn.
I feel like she just discovered the awesomeness of this costume that Jan Jan got here, and all of a sudden wants to wear it all the time...just lounging in her princess chair.
Oh, and of course had to get her awesome puppy purse and Austin.
They were slow dancing. OH MY. (I'm glad her Daddy's big and will scare away all the boys!)
And this is what she picked out to wear to Rick's the other morning to meet friends for Donuts. Accessories and all. Pick your battles, right?
Saturday morning, we went to the Razorback football scrimmage. Got me so excited for football season, and made me feel like Fall's right around the corner!! Woo Pig!!

The last concert in the park last Thursday
sitting up with the big kids!

more hula hoop fun!

Saturday evening, we went to Porter's first birthday party. Can't believe that cute little nugget is already one!!

On Sunday, Haley and I kept all the kids at her house while John David and Kyle rode their bikes. Let's just sum it up by saying Lyla received EIGHT spankings and a couple time outs while we were there. Not our best play date. :)
But at least Haley got some cute pictures of Lowen while we were there...

And at least these 2 had a blast riding their bikes, and looked darn good doing it! :)

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  1. Your kids are so cute! They could do modeling with their sweet faces!!