Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Weekend at the Lake

This past weekend, we celebrated John David's birthday at Lake Hamilton. My BIL, Stephen's, parents have a house on the lake and both John David and my family came up for the weekend to celebrate JD and spend some much needed time together. It was an absolute blast. Between me, Whitney, Julia, and Mrs. Cindy, LOTS of photos were snapped and this was the most I could narrow it down. So, once again, get cozy...

We attempted to have these 4 sleep here in the bunk room. Lyla lasted until 11:00 the first night, until we finally went in and got her after she had talked and giggled with her cousins long enough. It was worth a try, right?? :)

Marshall caught the only fish of the weekend. GO Marshall!!! 

Cake #1
And Cake #2 (he's not spoiled, is he??)
Who needs the Olympics when you have your own Olympians living with you?? They put on quite the gymnastics show for everyone!

And a select few fell straight asleep during the "real" Olympics :)

This is after the 2nd huge bug of the day landed in her hair (You're welcome, Whit)

So typical John

 yes, yes, I know...we are getting rid of the passy soon!! :)

I believe this was taken right before the tube snapped in half

 The Deals and Mayos got to join us!! SUCH a treat having all the families together! We are so blessed!
 Lyla was in Heaven with all her favorite people

I got Olivia some Junie B. Jones books for her birthday, and we got tickled reading it before bed. 

 fearless, sweet Bauer

Thanks, Eoffs, for such an incredible time!! Can't wait to make it an annual tradition! :)

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  1. The pic of Whitney made my life better. Haha!