Friday, September 21, 2012

A bike ride to the park

I sure am LOVING living so close to the park while we've had this gorgeous weather. We've been just about every day. I usually just load them up in my double stroller and walk, but we just got this bike trailer from the Cramer's, so I decided to try it out today. The girls loved it! Lyla kept saying, "Baby Lowen, it's not scary. It's so much fun!" Can you tell she was excited? 
We loaded up a picnic and rode on over to meet these sweet friends...

Headed back home. I had to go up this massive hill, and I thought my legs might turn straight to jello. But, I made it! Now, if I could just keep doing this every day...

super random picture catch-up

 Lyla and Estelle...quite possibly the cutest picture ever. Please notice the hand holding.
 Forgot to post this awhile back...SO fun to see Katie during the last 2 game weekends!!
 wearing their matching dresses on the Arsagas Patio after church one Sunday. (really wish I'd gotten a better pic of these twinkies...they looked so cute.)  :)
 Trying Sushi for the first time

 Lyla told me she was reading to Baby Lowen. Melt my heart.
 A pretty common scene around our house.
I started a new Beth Moore study that I'm SO excited about! This morning, I attempted to do it outside because it felt amazing. Aside from getting up every 15 seconds to keep Lowen from eating leaves or climbing off the edge of the patio, I actually made it through a day's study! :) I swear, this trampoline has changed my life. (THANKS, Mom and Dad!!!!!!)
 (I have a pic just like the above one of Lyla and JD...seriously, someone please teach me how to do those cool comparison pictures!)
 watching Beauty and the Beast...JD looks like he's really into it. :)

 Every time I feed Lowen "rice cereal" then Lyla requests a bowl of cereal for herself. ha.
 This was a few weeks ago, but I was so shocked when I walked in to see this...she's even pulled up to stand a couple times! (don't worry, I immediately raised the side of the crib after I snapped the pic!)
 LOVE this sight. She loves her books.

 This girl plus these stairs are going to be TROUBLE in just a few weeks!
 The other night, I wore these boots and Lyla discovered them the next morning.

 and she also decided to try on Lowen's PJ's
 Lowen's current favorite toy. She LOVES to drum.
 I think she surprised herself when she pulled up to stand!
It's her new favorite trick. She only succeeds every now and then, but she has so much fun trying!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Birthday Celebrations Continued...

As I mentioned, my birthday was on Sunday. It's funny how things change as we get older. My special day consisted of John David getting up with the kids and letting me sleep in until 9:30, and then waking up to these home-made cards...
and then staying in my PJ's all day long and being completely lazy while John David picked up breakfast for us and took care of the kids all day...all while reading fun texts and facebook messages and listening to voicemails of "happy birthday to you" and feeling extra loved and special. I also opened lots of fun gifts from a big ole package sent by my parents, and even took an afternoon nap! Then, sweet Lacey came over around 6:30 to watch the kids so John David and I could go on a date to Arsagas. We sat on the amazing patio, ate crepes, drank coffee, and then walked around Dickson holding hands. :) A perfect birthday. Lyla's real into falling asleep with her lamp on, so every night I sneak in there before I go to bed to turn it off. That night, I walked in to find this...
Her new Cinderella doll and Prince Charming tucked snuggly in right next to her. And then I got real sad and sentimental that it was the last time I'd see her as a 2 year old!!
Because Monday morning, we woke up to a big ole THREE YEAR OLD!!!! 
 Daddy had donuts waiting for her when she woke up to start out her birthday right. Then, she was off to Mother's Day Out...

As soon as we walked in the door, her teacher said, "Happy Birthday, Lyla!" and already had a birthday hat for her to wear and paints out for an art project. So, I left a happy little birthday girl, thankfully! While she was in "school", John David went to got her bike and trampoline while I went grocery shopping and picked up some little cupcakes for her class. I went a few minutes early to deliver them...
Here's everyone singing happy birthday to her.
 And then Lyla passed out cupcakes to all her friends.
 When she got home from school, this was waiting for her...

 She was SO EXCITED!!!! She's been wanting one of these bikes for a long time. And John David, being the bike rider that he is, has been dying to get her one as well. It's a balance bike, so she learns to ride without pedals or training wheels. And she's doing great on it so far! Wants to ride it all the time.
 After her bike surprise, it was naptime. During her nap, John David set up the trampoline from Cookie and Papo. So she woke up to another fun surprise...
She was clearly excited!!!
 Some new friends that just moved here stopped by with a treat for Lyla (as if she needed more sugar!) :) and she and Lacey started jumping immediately, just giggling away...
 And then we VERY last minute decided we might as well keep the celebration going and invited a few close friends over for pizza and Rick's cookies...

 Our new neighbors, who we just met, came which was so fun. As well as The Harris', the Coles, the Henry's, Sarah Boyce and Estelle, and Lacey and John William. LOVE these sweet friends!

 The trampoline was a huge hit!
 These sassy girls had fun playing with all of Lyla's new toys after everyone left. :)

Today, we've already had SO much fun on this gorgeous day enjoying Lyla's new gifts! Lyla and I jumped and giggled our hearts out on the trampoline while Lowen napped, and even ate our lunch on there which Lyla thought was so cool...
 And then Daddy came home for a lunch break and took Lyla on a stroll around the block on her new bike...
 John David said, as she was coming up the hill she was saying "almost there! almost there! I'm gonna get a big drink of water when I get to the top!" :)

 Have I mentioned how much I love having TREES in our neighborhood?? :)

So, we survived another Mommy/Daughter Birthday Weekend. And the Paleo Diet starts...
tomorrow. :)