Sunday, September 16, 2012

Can't stop our Razorback Pride!

We may stink this year, but we are still having a blast "watching" our beloved Hogs. Last weekend, we went over to Kyle and Haley's to watch the game against ULM. We won't talk about the score...let's just focus on how much fun these little cuties had:

 Yesterday was the nail-biter against Alabama. :) Today is my Birthday (!!) and tomorrow is Lyla's. I racked my brain the past month or so to try and figure out how to have a birthday party for Lyla this weekend, and between moving into a new house, the Alabama game, and trying to accommodate both of our families, we decided to just not do a party this year. It was honestly just stressing me out too much, and Lyla seriously does not care one way or another. So, John David's precious Aunt Laura and Uncle John, who we always tailgate with, decided to get her a cake for the tailgate and we'd kinda pretend that was Lyla's party. It ended up being SUCH a hit!!! 

Here's Lyla checking out the rain before we headed out. It was pretty yucky all day, but that didn't stop us from having so much fun!

 I about died when I saw the cuteness of the cake they got!! They know Lyla ALL too well. She is SO into princesses these days and she seriously thought this was the best birthday party EVER! I got off way too easy! :)

 I really like food!!!!!

 Of course, John and Laura even bought her princess presents! And so did Mary Ashleigh, and the Warrens. Lyla was feeling the love. 

 (LOVE John's face in this one. This about sums him up. So joyful.)

 She said, "Mommy, will you please open my presents so I can play with them at my birthday party?"
 And the rest of the time she was in her own princess world, singing and playing with Cinderella and her Prince.

 This was her face as we all sang happy birthday to her. There were like 50 people, and she knew about 10 of them. ha!
 Proudly cutting the cake

 This angel baby was passed all around and loved on. :)
 Kaleigh and Phil stopped by!
After eating cake, we got passes to go down on the field before the game started...

 Lyla thought she was a cheerleader, for real.
 She told them all about her princesses, and that her Jan Jan and Pop are going to take her to Disneyworld when Baby Lowen and John Morris get a little older. :)

 waving at all the cheerleaders and mascots. Star-struck.
I swear, Lyla is IN her element at a Razorback football game! She loves every single second. The entire game, she danced, cheered, clapped, copied the cheerleader's every move. Ate popcorn. And little Lowen napped on Mama. (Lyla was just pretending, although I know she was exhausted as well!) I kept wanting to compain about the rain, but stopped myself considering neither one of my children had cried or complained once all day, even though they were getting rained on and skipping naps. Truly, I couldn't care less about the scoreboard. I just love watching my girls giggling, having a blast, and being the biggest troopers I know!
 We left at halftime, and Lyla said, "I don't want to leave!" Although, she was asleep before we pulled out of the parking lot...
Sweet Angel had the best time. And I'm SO thankful I got off the hook from planning a party! She totally thinks the whole football game was for her. :)


  1. Aw Fee Fee!!! Makes me wish with all my heart that we were there!! That was a celebration! You guys are the best! We love you! Hugs for all the Blagg girls!

  2. Sweet Precious! Happy Birthday little Lyla!