Tuesday, September 4, 2012

LABOR day weekend...new home renovation style

Well, we definitely celebrated Labor Day with some hardcore manual labor. We bought a new home last week!! With John David being a builder, we knew that financially it only made sense for us to either build again or buy a "fixer upper". Considering there are no affordable lots in the part of town we wanted to be in, we thankfully found this house right smack in the middle of Fayetteville, in the school district we wanted to be in, walking distance to Gulley Park, and with a dream backyard. On Thursday, I met Jana halfway and she took Lyla to Texarkana so that we could work a little more efficiently. :) So, Friday was our first day to be able to work on the house, and we got after it! Lacey Harris (Saint!!) met us over there at 8:30 am and we worked until 4 am!!! I'd say we were a little excited. I thought about waiting till we had true before and after pics, but since my family is wanting to see the progress, I figured I'd go ahead and share a glimpse of the work we've done so far. 

Here are some beautiful before pictures:

First step was to get all the wallpaper DOWN. ASAP.
Lacey and I perforated, painted with wallpaper remover, and it literally just tore down in sheets. Amazing.
Yes, it was ALL the way down the hallway...
next step was to take down the chair rail throughout the house. 
Lacey likened the way it was to a woman with a huge butt wearing a belt. Ha! 
Now, the maroon wallpaper in the dining room didn't come off quite so easily...

But, thankfully this little girl was a COMPLETE angel all weekend. She literally played on the floor with toys, and went down for naps in her pack and play. It's like she wasn't even there. :) Huge answer to prayer. Thank you Lord!!!

All down! Wahoo!!!
Friday evening, the Nicodemus', Kelly, Mia, the Mortons, and Richard all came over to join the party. We picked up pizza and beer and put everyone to work. :)
We scraped all the popcorn off every. single. ceiling. 
Kelly was cracking us up in her mask...but that girl is a work horse!!

Goodbye purple walls! Hello Worldly Gray! (Sherwin Williams) That's the main color we are doing throughout the house. LOVE it. So calming. Very neutral.
Sweet Mia priming ceilings after the popcorn came down.

We even put Stella to work. :) Haley left to put the kiddos to bed, and Kyle stayed until I found him asleep on the living room floor at 2 am. :) He scraped the popcorn off about 3 bedrooms, a hallway, AND a living room!! And, might I add, that Kyle adds SO much fun/joy to any situation. Listening to him sing loudly to every single song definitely made the night go by much faster. We love the Nicodemus'!

We ended the night with John David painting both girls rooms PINK. He used the sprayer, and you can just see the fumes! I decided this was my time to wake up Kyle and Lowen, and head out. :)
This is how the pink turned out. I LOVE it. It's Sherwin William's Dogwood White, and it's a super calm, mild pink. New carpet is going in there tomorrow as well. :)

On Saturday, we decided to take a break from the house and spend the day tailgating and cheering on the Hogs! First game of the season, and Lowen's very first Razorback game. She did AWESOME. Looks like she AND Lyla are football fans. 

just taking it all in...so much to see!
calling the Hogs...
and she's out.

Sunday morning was back to work we go...
Lowen and I spent a lot of the weekend just picking up carloads from the rent house and unloading in
the garage:
Where's Waldo?
Sunday afternoon and evening, Allen and Meg came over and helped a TON!

So ready to not be walking around on this.
Just crawling around in the office. :) New carpet going in here tomorrow as well. The ceiling was painted, and we are leaving the green for now.

This room will be the playroom. It's a random L-shaped room, so it's very narrow.
nightmare on this bathroom!
Master bedroom...still needs to be painted, and new carpets going in tomorrow as well. But, ceiling is scraped and primed!
Master bathroom...another nightmare, but we will deal with this whole room at a different time. :)
the MESS we have created!!
But when I get overwhelmed, I just step outside to this...ahhhhhhh!!

Yesterday, Labor Day, John David and I prepped the playroom for painting, and then he got after it with the sprayer. More Worldly Gray over the gold walls.

Finished!! Way better. And new carpet tomorrow as well. :)
Around Monday afternoon, I started to have my first melt down. I'm impressed I made it that long! Lowen had been fussy all morning and refused to go down in her pack and play for a nap (I guess she couldn't be a perfect human ALL the time!) :) John David was working all by himself, and I was feeling so guilty tending to Lowen when I felt like I should be helping him. Truly, God has been SO present and real through this whole process because RIGHT when I started to cry, Aubrey texted that she could keep Lowen for me and John William showed up to help paint. Seriously, don't know what we would do without our amazing friends and amazing God that cares so sweetly for us!!! 
I picked up Thai food for dinner...do they look like twins or what?? 
Last night, we finished painting the entire kitchen, the dining room, the hallways, and most of the living room!! I left at 11 to go pick up Lowen from Aubrey's and John David stayed and painted until 2:30 am!! 
Here's the Worldly Gray in the hallway. That door is from the garage. When you walk in, the room to the right will be John David's little office and the room to the left will be the playroom. And there's the current update!! Hopefully we'll have some finished product pictures SOON!!! Back to work I go...


  1. OH MY GOODNESS...I ABSOLUTELY LOOOOOOOOVE IT!! And am so completely and totally impressed by all you've done and you're precious friends! Seriously!!! Team effort!!! You've been a busy little blogger too. SO HAPPY you posted those! Was busting to see! Couldn't love it more and can't wait to be there in person!!!

  2. FEE FEE!!!!! I cannot wait to see it in person! It looks AMAZING from the photos! Are y'all superheroes??? It is coming together SO fast, and I'm so very grateful for your friends! They are the hands and feet of Christ, and I could just squeeze them until their heads pop off for loving you so well!!!...and yours too!!! This crew of friends you have is a testament to how PRECIOUS YOU AND JOHN DAVID ARE! Thanks for the update and please please please keep them coming!!! LOVE YOU SOOOOO!

  3. I would love to keep the girls for you next weekend sometime if you need someone. I'm sure Eliza-Grace would love it! She is obsessed with babies!

  4. and you had time to blog about all this, you are crazy! Can't wait to see the finished product hang in there, you've made it through a fixer upper before!

    1. Ha! Well, I got up at 6:30 am with Lowen and was waiting on John David to wake up after working so late. So, I had a little window of time and took advantage! Plus, if I don't do it now, I forget what all happened! :)

  5. Mindy,wow!!! That's going to be awesome, but DANG. Y'all are so brave!! Lowen is an angel baby. I need to meet her when we come up to Fayetteville next weekend! Love you! Miss you!

  6. WOW. You guys have done a TON of work! I love gray on walls! That's the color of my Lyla's nursery.

  7. I love seeing the house being transformed! Can't wait to see it done!