Friday, September 21, 2012

super random picture catch-up

 Lyla and Estelle...quite possibly the cutest picture ever. Please notice the hand holding.
 Forgot to post this awhile back...SO fun to see Katie during the last 2 game weekends!!
 wearing their matching dresses on the Arsagas Patio after church one Sunday. (really wish I'd gotten a better pic of these twinkies...they looked so cute.)  :)
 Trying Sushi for the first time

 Lyla told me she was reading to Baby Lowen. Melt my heart.
 A pretty common scene around our house.
I started a new Beth Moore study that I'm SO excited about! This morning, I attempted to do it outside because it felt amazing. Aside from getting up every 15 seconds to keep Lowen from eating leaves or climbing off the edge of the patio, I actually made it through a day's study! :) I swear, this trampoline has changed my life. (THANKS, Mom and Dad!!!!!!)
 (I have a pic just like the above one of Lyla and JD...seriously, someone please teach me how to do those cool comparison pictures!)
 watching Beauty and the Beast...JD looks like he's really into it. :)

 Every time I feed Lowen "rice cereal" then Lyla requests a bowl of cereal for herself. ha.
 This was a few weeks ago, but I was so shocked when I walked in to see this...she's even pulled up to stand a couple times! (don't worry, I immediately raised the side of the crib after I snapped the pic!)
 LOVE this sight. She loves her books.

 This girl plus these stairs are going to be TROUBLE in just a few weeks!
 The other night, I wore these boots and Lyla discovered them the next morning.

 and she also decided to try on Lowen's PJ's
 Lowen's current favorite toy. She LOVES to drum.
 I think she surprised herself when she pulled up to stand!
It's her new favorite trick. She only succeeds every now and then, but she has so much fun trying!

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