Tuesday, October 30, 2012

In the words of Lyla...

I've been wanting to write this post for a while now. I'm obsessed with Lyla's little voice and everything that she says. (well, most things.) Since John David just took the girls on a daddy/daughter ice cream date, I have a few quiet moments and am going to take advantage and do a little blog post dedicated to funny/weird things that Lyla says. I've been keeping a running list on my phone, so some of these are kinda old. But, I don't ever want to forget. And I know I will! In fact, when my mom and Whitney were in town, my mom asked me what Lyla used to call strawberries, and I had the hardest time thinking of it. And then, it came to me..."B.T.A.'s" Random, I know. But, I don't ever want to forget those little things!  So, here we go...
(*warning: this blog post is simply for my memories sake. It is not overly interesting to anyone other than myself, so feel free to move on to the next blog on your google reader.)  :)
  • "munch"(lunch)
  • "tee-car" (guitar)
  • "pinano" (piano)
  • she always says "to" when it should be "for". For example, "Jan Jan got this to me."; "it's too scary to me"
  • "I not can't do it" (We'll work on the double negatives when she turns 4)
  • "Swoobie"(smoothie)
  • "hickapoo" (peekaboo)
  • "just an accinick" (accident)
  • "spider werb"
  • "comperter" (might be the cutest thing ever the way she says computer)
  • "hi sweet girl!" (to Lowen)
  • "you ok, angel?" (whenever Lowen cries)
  • "polkanots" (polka dots)
  • If she wants to go anywhere she says, "It's not too far away! Just close!" (and the irony is she says it about things like Texarkana and Dallas. Such an optimist.)
  • She also loves to give directions and always says "you just take a right on College..." ha!
  • "Tomorning" (tomorrow)
  • "Let me think...hmmmmmm" (with her finger tapping her cheek)
  • "That's my favorite!" (over anything she wants..."Lyla, do you want some yogurt?","Yes, that's my favorite!!")
  • "Last night" (anything that's EVER happened in the past)
  • "That's so much cute"
  • "I need to talk to you!" (says this all the time...especially if I'm in the middle of talking, and she thinks of something she's really wanting to say right then.)
  • And this is the most recent, and possibly my favorite...she always says, "I love you with a heart and Jesus." ha!! Not sure where she got this, but it sure is cute!! 
  • Oh, and whenever she's just wanting to be sweet, she'll say "I love Jesus. Does that make your heart so happy?" (And, yes, yes it does.)
That's all I can think of for now! I'm sure there are a million more. But, I am totally convinced that the voice and thoughts of 3 year olds sure do make this parenting thing a blast!! 

Monday, October 22, 2012

So behind on blogging...

I feel like I have always made time to blog, and now all of a sudden, I'm so far behind I don't even know where to start! :) Life has been full and good lately...gorgeous fall weather with lots of trips to the park, wonderful visits from family, birthday parties, Beth Moore Bible study on James, gymnastics, Mother's Day Out, still trying to fix up our new house, etc...

A few weeks ago, our sweet babysitter Kylie offered to take the girls to the pumpkin patch so that John David and I could have one free evening to paint one of the bathrooms. It's been super hard to find time to work on the house with these 2 kiddos and a full schedule (which is why I have yet to post "after" pictures! might be years before I feel "settled". ha!)

Papo and Cookie came in town a couple weekends ago, and we had SUCH a blast!!
Papo brought Lyla some Rick's Donuts in exchange for a kiss! Good deal for both, I'd say! :)

Miracle Baby Maren Yount was born. She is tiny, gorgeous, and perfect. I'm seriously obsessed.
John David and I went to Harvest Music Festival with Daniel and Shannon, and a few other friends. Sweet Jan Jan came and stayed with the girls so that we could go kidless.
Jeremy let us use his bus to sleep in! SOOOO Thankful!! It was rainy and cold, and I would not have been a happy camper in a tent. Pun intended.
My sweet little hippie husband
our home for the weekend!
other neighbor's homes for the weekend!
The gorgeous sunset as we listened to the Mickey Hart band. He used to play with the Grateful Dead, so they mainly just played a ton of Dead songs. We seriously felt like we were at a Grateful Dead concert. 

John David made a delicious breakfast Saturday morning. And then we listened to amazing bands like Della Mae, Elephant Revival, North Mississippi Allstars, and Leftover Salmon. All in all, the music was absolutely incredible. But, with the yucky weather, not feeling good, and missing my girls terribly, I was beyond ready to be HOME! I'm afraid I'm officially too old for weekends like this. ha!

Then, this past weekend my mom and sister came in town and I didn't take a single picture! Shame on me!!! But, of course, it was wonderful. And I've been in a funk all day from already missing them too much. Christmas, hurry up!! 

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Girls Weekend!!!!!

So, last year I turned the big 3-0, and I really wanted to go on a fun girls trip to celebrate but I was pregnant with Lowen and it just didn't happen. So, this year, John David was determined to make it happen. His gift to me was a girl's weekend away to Kansas City!! It's seriously not in my nature to do things like this. For one, I never feel like we have the money to splurge on something like that, and I also feel too guilty as a mom leaving my kids. But, thankfully, I have a husband who forces me to do it because he knows I need it! And thankfully, I have friends whose husbands were willing to let them come with me!! I wanted to keep it small so that we would just have to take one car, and just get one hotel room. So, I initially thought it was just going to be me, Katie, and Haley. So, the three of us loaded up on Friday afternoon, and drove to KC. We chatted the whole way, and it was already a blast by the time we got there...  
can you tell we were excited?? Checked in, ready to head to our room.
I showed up to pick up Haley, and we were wearing the same shirt. ha! :)
After relaxing at the hotel for a bit, we got ready for dinner and headed out the door. We went to a place called Cafe Trio, which was just right up the street from our hotel. So we walked on over and ordered a bottle of wine and some delicious appetizers...
The patio was so great...twinkling lights, perfect weather, good company, and delicious food.
We were just eating, laughing, and chatting away, when all of a sudden, someone grabbed me from behind and stuck their smiling face directly in my face. I literally was so shocked that it took me a full 10 seconds or so to realize that the face staring at me was MY SISTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! John David had completely pulled off the biggest surprise EVER!!! And Haley caught it all on film...

The four of us sat here talking and laughing till midnight. And I continued to be in such a giddy state that my sister was sitting there with us!!!! Complete and utter bliss. And, of course, we had on matching earrings...
On Saturday morning, Whitney and I both woke up right around 8 am. We threw on our jeans, brushed our teeth, and went down to the Starbucks in the hotel lobby to get some coffee and breakfast, do our Bible studies, and visit. Haley and Katie joined us when they woke up, and we ended up sitting there until after 11 am! No other way I'd rather spend my morning!! We then decided to shower and head out  to explore the Plaza.
First stop was to take a picture with the Razorback of course! 
Then, we went to the Classic Cup for lunch. Again, sat on a delightful patio with amazing weather and ate the best turkey club sandwich I think I've ever had.

After lunch, we shopped all afternoon. We went to H&M, Free People, Urban Outfitters, then Anthropologie (my happy place). I'm usually not much of a shopper at all, but I actually had a blast looking at all these cute stores and walking around in the gorgeous weather with my best friends!

Loved this pink fountain in honor of breast cancer awareness month.
After our day of shopping, we went back to the hotel to relax for a bit and then get ready for dinner. 

We ate at Seasons 52. The food was healthy and yummy, and the atmosphere was even better. We enjoyed live music and these flatbread appetizers. After dinner, we walked over to McCormick and Schmick's for their famous chocolate bag. We sat on yet another patio, next to a fire pit, and devoured this beauty...

On Sunday, I slept in until 9:45!! I was SO excited. I hugged my sister goodbye (tear!), and then Katie, Haley, and I went to Tomfooleries for brunch. I've never seen such a spread of food in my entire life!
After brunch, we hit up Anthropoligie one last time...
Sad goodbye to the beautiful plaza...
And then drove home to these sweet nuggets...
I swear they grew while I was gone!! It was so great to come home, and SO GREAT to have a break from reality!!! Thanks John David!! And Happy "30th" to me! ha! THANK YOU Katie, Haley, and Whit (and all their husbands!!) for making this weekend such a blast for me! I LOVE Y'ALL!!!

7 months

This month snuck up on me!! I feel like I was JUST doing her 6 month post! 
Once again, couldn't pick just one picture...
(I also didn't have the time/energy to change her out of the outfit we wore to gymnastics this morning, so I just slapped that sticker right on and snapped a few pics...)

 (the above picture looks identical to Lyla's 7 month picture!! Seriously, someone teach me how to compare pictures!)  :)
And, once again, I want to eat her. She is just pure yumminess to me, and my heart literally wants to explode over that sweet, happy smile and that face!!!! Lowen is officially a girl on the GO! She is full out crawling all over the place, and officially pulling up to stand on everything in sight. She's also talking up a storm, and her little voice melts my heart. Her favorite thing to say, of course, is "Dadadada", but I've heard an occasional "Mama" and "Nana". She's eating every 4 hours, about 6 ounces, 4 times a day. I've officially weaned her off breastmilk as of a couple weeks ago, and she's on straight formula...which is both sad and exhilarating at the same time. (it did allow me to have a girls weekend this past weekend...pics to come soon!!) She's eating solids every day, usually just once during the day. So far, she's loved everything she's tried. And she's still napping 3 times a day, sometimes only 2. She's definitely starting to need a consistent schedule, which makes it harder to be on the go with a big sister and a busy schedule! But, I still force her to be flexible when I have to. :)

Here are some pictures from our day yesterday... 
While we were at the park, my friend Lindsay told her little girl, "say bye bye!" when they were leaving. I looked over and Lowen was just waving away. That was a first! Now she can't get enough of waving. 
 She was loving the swing! Just sat like this and smiled so big for a good 20 minutes while I pushed Lyla! :)
 We also did a little thrift store shopping while Lyla was at school.
And this is how I found her sleeping last night. :)

Lyla is still the sweetest big sister, and absolutely loves Lowen to death. EVERY time I come down the stairs with Lowen after she's woken up from a nap, Lyla says "hi sweet girl!!" and runs over to give her hugs and kisses. Melt my heart. I'll leave you with this sweet sister pic...

Happy 7 months, Lowen!!