Tuesday, October 2, 2012

7 months

This month snuck up on me!! I feel like I was JUST doing her 6 month post! 
Once again, couldn't pick just one picture...
(I also didn't have the time/energy to change her out of the outfit we wore to gymnastics this morning, so I just slapped that sticker right on and snapped a few pics...)

 (the above picture looks identical to Lyla's 7 month picture!! Seriously, someone teach me how to compare pictures!)  :)
And, once again, I want to eat her. She is just pure yumminess to me, and my heart literally wants to explode over that sweet, happy smile and that face!!!! Lowen is officially a girl on the GO! She is full out crawling all over the place, and officially pulling up to stand on everything in sight. She's also talking up a storm, and her little voice melts my heart. Her favorite thing to say, of course, is "Dadadada", but I've heard an occasional "Mama" and "Nana". She's eating every 4 hours, about 6 ounces, 4 times a day. I've officially weaned her off breastmilk as of a couple weeks ago, and she's on straight formula...which is both sad and exhilarating at the same time. (it did allow me to have a girls weekend this past weekend...pics to come soon!!) She's eating solids every day, usually just once during the day. So far, she's loved everything she's tried. And she's still napping 3 times a day, sometimes only 2. She's definitely starting to need a consistent schedule, which makes it harder to be on the go with a big sister and a busy schedule! But, I still force her to be flexible when I have to. :)

Here are some pictures from our day yesterday... 
While we were at the park, my friend Lindsay told her little girl, "say bye bye!" when they were leaving. I looked over and Lowen was just waving away. That was a first! Now she can't get enough of waving. 
 She was loving the swing! Just sat like this and smiled so big for a good 20 minutes while I pushed Lyla! :)
 We also did a little thrift store shopping while Lyla was at school.
And this is how I found her sleeping last night. :)

Lyla is still the sweetest big sister, and absolutely loves Lowen to death. EVERY time I come down the stairs with Lowen after she's woken up from a nap, Lyla says "hi sweet girl!!" and runs over to give her hugs and kisses. Melt my heart. I'll leave you with this sweet sister pic...

Happy 7 months, Lowen!!


  1. Hi! I stumbled found your blog while you were pregnant with Lowen and I was pregnant with my son, Henry. I think they were born just a few days apart. Anyway, you can download picasa for free, (just do a google search for it), it 's for photo editing, but you can use it to make collages comparing the girls pics. ;)

  2. Love the sister pic! Such sweet little girls. And I use Diptic on my iPhone for collages. :)