Tuesday, October 30, 2012

In the words of Lyla...

I've been wanting to write this post for a while now. I'm obsessed with Lyla's little voice and everything that she says. (well, most things.) Since John David just took the girls on a daddy/daughter ice cream date, I have a few quiet moments and am going to take advantage and do a little blog post dedicated to funny/weird things that Lyla says. I've been keeping a running list on my phone, so some of these are kinda old. But, I don't ever want to forget. And I know I will! In fact, when my mom and Whitney were in town, my mom asked me what Lyla used to call strawberries, and I had the hardest time thinking of it. And then, it came to me..."B.T.A.'s" Random, I know. But, I don't ever want to forget those little things!  So, here we go...
(*warning: this blog post is simply for my memories sake. It is not overly interesting to anyone other than myself, so feel free to move on to the next blog on your google reader.)  :)
  • "munch"(lunch)
  • "tee-car" (guitar)
  • "pinano" (piano)
  • she always says "to" when it should be "for". For example, "Jan Jan got this to me."; "it's too scary to me"
  • "I not can't do it" (We'll work on the double negatives when she turns 4)
  • "Swoobie"(smoothie)
  • "hickapoo" (peekaboo)
  • "just an accinick" (accident)
  • "spider werb"
  • "comperter" (might be the cutest thing ever the way she says computer)
  • "hi sweet girl!" (to Lowen)
  • "you ok, angel?" (whenever Lowen cries)
  • "polkanots" (polka dots)
  • If she wants to go anywhere she says, "It's not too far away! Just close!" (and the irony is she says it about things like Texarkana and Dallas. Such an optimist.)
  • She also loves to give directions and always says "you just take a right on College..." ha!
  • "Tomorning" (tomorrow)
  • "Let me think...hmmmmmm" (with her finger tapping her cheek)
  • "That's my favorite!" (over anything she wants..."Lyla, do you want some yogurt?","Yes, that's my favorite!!")
  • "Last night" (anything that's EVER happened in the past)
  • "That's so much cute"
  • "I need to talk to you!" (says this all the time...especially if I'm in the middle of talking, and she thinks of something she's really wanting to say right then.)
  • And this is the most recent, and possibly my favorite...she always says, "I love you with a heart and Jesus." ha!! Not sure where she got this, but it sure is cute!! 
  • Oh, and whenever she's just wanting to be sweet, she'll say "I love Jesus. Does that make your heart so happy?" (And, yes, yes it does.)
That's all I can think of for now! I'm sure there are a million more. But, I am totally convinced that the voice and thoughts of 3 year olds sure do make this parenting thing a blast!!