Monday, October 22, 2012

So behind on blogging...

I feel like I have always made time to blog, and now all of a sudden, I'm so far behind I don't even know where to start! :) Life has been full and good lately...gorgeous fall weather with lots of trips to the park, wonderful visits from family, birthday parties, Beth Moore Bible study on James, gymnastics, Mother's Day Out, still trying to fix up our new house, etc...

A few weeks ago, our sweet babysitter Kylie offered to take the girls to the pumpkin patch so that John David and I could have one free evening to paint one of the bathrooms. It's been super hard to find time to work on the house with these 2 kiddos and a full schedule (which is why I have yet to post "after" pictures! might be years before I feel "settled". ha!)

Papo and Cookie came in town a couple weekends ago, and we had SUCH a blast!!
Papo brought Lyla some Rick's Donuts in exchange for a kiss! Good deal for both, I'd say! :)

Miracle Baby Maren Yount was born. She is tiny, gorgeous, and perfect. I'm seriously obsessed.
John David and I went to Harvest Music Festival with Daniel and Shannon, and a few other friends. Sweet Jan Jan came and stayed with the girls so that we could go kidless.
Jeremy let us use his bus to sleep in! SOOOO Thankful!! It was rainy and cold, and I would not have been a happy camper in a tent. Pun intended.
My sweet little hippie husband
our home for the weekend!
other neighbor's homes for the weekend!
The gorgeous sunset as we listened to the Mickey Hart band. He used to play with the Grateful Dead, so they mainly just played a ton of Dead songs. We seriously felt like we were at a Grateful Dead concert. 

John David made a delicious breakfast Saturday morning. And then we listened to amazing bands like Della Mae, Elephant Revival, North Mississippi Allstars, and Leftover Salmon. All in all, the music was absolutely incredible. But, with the yucky weather, not feeling good, and missing my girls terribly, I was beyond ready to be HOME! I'm afraid I'm officially too old for weekends like this. ha!

Then, this past weekend my mom and sister came in town and I didn't take a single picture! Shame on me!!! But, of course, it was wonderful. And I've been in a funk all day from already missing them too much. Christmas, hurry up!! 

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