Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Fellow Bloggers, HELP!

I knew this day would come. I tried to post my Thanksgiving pictures, and Blogger informed me that I am out of space and cannot upload any more photos. Do I really need to buy more storage, or is that just a scam and there's another way to continue blogging for free?? I'm cheap and I don't want to pay!! :) I'm tempted to start deleting old posts! help!!

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Another BIG catch-up post! :)

 Once again, so behind on the good ole blog. And yet, so many fun things going on...

Our friends, Matt and Ginny, started a non-profit organization called 99 outreach to kids with special needs. They are an amazing couple with an incredible story. We had the privilege of attending their fundraiser, an art auction, a couple weeks ago. Our good friend, Brian, created this piece of art out of recycled children's toys to form the image of a little boy from Uganda named Jo Jo. 
 Absolutely amazing.
 And John David was asked to do the music for the evening with our friends Neil and Tiffany, and Kevin. I was one proud wife!!! They sounded amazing!!!
 Baking some Halloween cookies...they were seriously SO giddy about this! Not sure which one was more excited! :)

A couple weekends ago, John David went on a mountain biking trip with some guys. As the weekend approached, I made a last minute decision to head to Dallas with the girls so that I wouldn't be by myself all weekend. SUCH a great decision!! Although I was nervous about the drive, the girls did GREAT! And I ended up having such a worshipful time in the car with my dear friends, Tim Keller and Christy Nockels. :) And, of course, had a complete and total blast with my family. It was truly just a refreshing that my soul needed!! Great conversations with my parents and siblings, and Lyla had such fun with her cousins and Papo and Cookie!
 The weather was perfect all weekend and we spent about 85% of our time on my parent's awesome patio. Lyla and Cookie did some early morning coloring so that I could take a shower. :)
 My mom, once again, served her little heart out and fed the masses. And we just let these guys go crazy in the kitchen while we enjoyed our adult meals in the other room. SUCH a good idea. :)
 (sidenote: sweet little Max had the stomach bug, so I sadly didn't get to love on him like I wanted to! But, I will soak up extra time with that boy over Christmas! He was missed!!) 
 Lyla loved picking red berries off the tree and making "bird food" mixtures. What's fun about this is that I used to do that when I was a little girl as well! That tree is still providing such fun! :)
 LOVED getting to see sweet Grandmama and Grandaddy!!

 These girls are 2 peas in a pod. At one point, I heard Olivia say, "Bauer, please go play somewhere else. Lyla and I are having some girl time."

 My Lowen got to meet Original Lowen's mommy!! So sweet! :)
The only catastrophe of the weekend occurred when Lyla and Annie were so quietly and sweetly playing in the other room. Julia, Whitney, Mom and I were in the kitchen ironically discussing discipline strategies for our children when we heard some loud crying coming from Annie. We ran in and found scissors in Lyla's hand and blood on Annie's cheek. YIKES! That's when we noticed the hair all over the floor and Lyla said, "We were just playing beauty parlor!" Oh man.  They each gave each other some nice layers. And Lyla clearly isn't too skilled at using scissors and gave Annie's cheek  a nice trim. Felt like a complete failure of a mom, but I guess it's one of those things that every mom goes through. And, hopefully, lesson learned!! 

 Last weekend, Ali, Cody, and John Morris came to Fayetteville for the weekend. We had SUCH a great time with them, and got to check out Crystal Bridges for the first time. Loved it. We will definitely have to go back when we have more time. Here are the few pics I got of our time together...
The cool metallic tree outside the museum. These 2 had so much fun together!

A couple nights ago, Haley and I took our girls to see Beauty and the Beast, a play put on by the local theater. They had a blast!!

 And a few more randoms...

 I've gotten more adventuresome with the finger foods. So far, she hasn't turned down a thing! Here she's eating some spaghetti squash. :)
 Richard and Kristen had baby girl #2!! Arden Monnet Cole. And Kristen is my hero!! Arden weighed 10 lb 3 oz and she labored naturally! Superwoman. And SO pumped to have another friend with 2 girls. It's the best. :)
Craft Day at Stella's! 
Hope everyone has a happy Thanksgiving week!! 

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

8 months (a little late!)

I'm telling you, I absolutely could not be more obsessed with this child!!! She is a pure delight. If it was even possible, I think she got more smiley and giggly this month. Her latest trick is that she learned to clap a couple weeks ago. Literally, out of nowhere, just started clapping. And she LOVES it!!! Does it all. the. time. And it's the cutest thing. It's like the world is constantly entertaining her and she's so pleased. Still crawling ALL over the place and has gotten even faster. I can't leave her alone for 2 seconds. Still pulling up to stand on everything in sight...just a busy little explorer. She has started sleeping SO much better this past month. Taking great naps, for the most part. And, every now and then she'll wake up at night but I rarely have to go in there. She'll usually fuss for a minute then fall back asleep. I'm always shocked and SO thankful! Still takes 2 solid naps a day, and usually still needs a 3rd little cat-nap in the evening.  Overall, she's just pure sugar!!

Here's the comparison pictures between Lyla at 8 months and Lowen at 8 months...

Pretty crazy, right?!?

*Quick Mom question...(and confession)...I seriously HATE feeding her baby food. I didn't do it very long with Lyla. Pretty much went straight to finger foods. And even now, Lowen only gets like 1 thing of baby food a day. But, she doesn't have ANY teeth, so I feel like I don't know what finger foods she can have. So far, she's only had cheerios, mum mums, puffs, yogurt melts, and tiny bits of banana. If you are a mom of a baby around this age, any other ideas? Please?? :) I love being able to sit her in the high chair and let her feed herself! Call me lazy. I know. 

Anywho, Happy 8 Months to our Lowen Lee!!!!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

A Beastly Halloween

About a month leading up to Halloween, Lyla knew she was going to be Belle. Anytime someone asked her, she never budged. And then a couple weeks before Halloween, she started adding, "And my Daddy's going to be the beast. And my mommy is going to be Mrs. Potts, and baby Lowen is going to be Chip. And Cookie is going to be the candle stick, and Aunt Whit is going to be the clock." Wow! She really had it all planned out. Literally 2 days before Halloween, I was still thinking how am I going to dress John David up as the beast, and me and Lowen up as a teapot and teacup?? But, I kinda just disregarded the thought because I'm not crafty and it stressed me out. Well, on Halloween Day, I decided I had to do something or else I'd totally disappoint Lyla! So, John David literally got home from work at 4:30 and I said, "let's run to hobby lobby and grab something to make some quick costumes." I had decided at this point that a candlestick and clock would be a little more doable, so we went with that, and by 6:00, we came up with this...
 Not too bad for throwing it together literally the hour before! :)
 Beautiful Belle
 Cutest Cogsworth
 And the whole crew!
 Berkley and Lyla
 80's popstars, Kristen and Emerson
 Lumiere and Cogsworth
 The crew! We met at Patrick and Margot's and trick or treated about 5 houses around our old neighborhood :)
 I about died when I saw John Chester!!!
 After saying hi to a few former neighbors, we headed over to Neil and Tiffany's. They hosted a party for our community group...
 The Trio
We roasted marshmallows...
 had a dance party...

and ended the night with a sleepy Cogsworth, and a sugar-coma'd Belle. 
A super fun Halloween indeed!! 

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Thanks Whit!

So, you know how I said a couple weekends ago that my mom and my sister came in town and I sadly didn't take one single picture?? Well, thankfully Whitney did!! And did a GREAT blog recap about our time together! So, check it out here!! :) Thanks for saving me the trouble, Whit! :)