Tuesday, November 6, 2012

A Beastly Halloween

About a month leading up to Halloween, Lyla knew she was going to be Belle. Anytime someone asked her, she never budged. And then a couple weeks before Halloween, she started adding, "And my Daddy's going to be the beast. And my mommy is going to be Mrs. Potts, and baby Lowen is going to be Chip. And Cookie is going to be the candle stick, and Aunt Whit is going to be the clock." Wow! She really had it all planned out. Literally 2 days before Halloween, I was still thinking how am I going to dress John David up as the beast, and me and Lowen up as a teapot and teacup?? But, I kinda just disregarded the thought because I'm not crafty and it stressed me out. Well, on Halloween Day, I decided I had to do something or else I'd totally disappoint Lyla! So, John David literally got home from work at 4:30 and I said, "let's run to hobby lobby and grab something to make some quick costumes." I had decided at this point that a candlestick and clock would be a little more doable, so we went with that, and by 6:00, we came up with this...
 Not too bad for throwing it together literally the hour before! :)
 Beautiful Belle
 Cutest Cogsworth
 And the whole crew!
 Berkley and Lyla
 80's popstars, Kristen and Emerson
 Lumiere and Cogsworth
 The crew! We met at Patrick and Margot's and trick or treated about 5 houses around our old neighborhood :)
 I about died when I saw John Chester!!!
 After saying hi to a few former neighbors, we headed over to Neil and Tiffany's. They hosted a party for our community group...
 The Trio
We roasted marshmallows...
 had a dance party...

and ended the night with a sleepy Cogsworth, and a sugar-coma'd Belle. 
A super fun Halloween indeed!! 

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  1. I didn't realize you made Lowen's face a clock...this is my absolute favorite!