Friday, December 7, 2012

A Southeast Arkansas Thanksgiving

Yep, I caved and bought more storage. Well worth it, right people?? :)
So, I'm finally uploading our TONS of Thanksgiving pictures. It truly was one of the best yet. The weather was gorgeous and we spent most of it outside. Lyla had a blast with all her cousins, and of course, we ate some GOOD food!! We went to Dumas on Tuesday and spent some really great time with Pappy (John David's dad). He bought Lyla some Muck boots that she's obsessed with. They are 2 sizes too big, but she would not take them off her feet. Then, on Wednesday, we headed over to Warren to have Uncle John clean our teeth. Yay! Everyone slowly trickled in and we headed down the road to this little farm. The kids had so much fun!

 Thursday morning, John David got up early to go duck hunting and Lyla, Jan Jan and I had a relaxing morning at Joe and Julie's...
 Lyla helped with the cooking :)
 And she opened her Christmas presents from the Durmons and Fakouris. This awesome doll house that she has already played with by the HOUR. Love seeing her little imagination as she plays house with it. :)
 And this little nugget found her own toys to play with.
 While this little nugget did some Turkey Day snoozing.

 And THIS is how you entertain yourselves in Southeast Arkansas. They start 'em early...

 This was our entire afternoon. Bliss.

 She's a passionate cheerleader.

 I guess I wore myself out with the picture taking that I sadly didn't take one picture in Dumas. So sad. But, we did head over there for Feast #2 Thursday evening, and had a wonderful time. Spent the night, and then headed to Little Rock on Friday to last minute hang out with this sweet crew:
 Whitney and the fam were in Little Rock with Stephen's family and we ended up spending the entire day and evening with them. SUCH a treat!!!!

We are THANKFUL, indeed!!!! Our hearts are full!!!


  1. These are so precious Mindy :)

  2. Soooo worth it! Thank you, Mindy! Should we all start contributing?