Friday, December 28, 2012

Community Group Christmas Party

Maybe now that Christmas is officially over, I can get caught up on some blogging. I have about 10 different posts floating around in my head. Starting with our amazing husbands planning the most fun community group Christmas Party ever. They all came up with the plan to cook and serve their wives a nice dinner before we did our annual White Elephant gift exchange. They went above and beyond to make it special...

When we walked in, they greeted us with their cute bowties, took our coats and purses, offered us a drink.

Slaving away in the kitchen :)

ya know, just your typical community group party ;)

The Coles with their new addition! They were so color coordinated. 
(Doesn't everyone look this incredible 3 weeks after having a baby?!?! Ridiculous.)

After our delicious dinner, we played a riveting game of White Elephant and everyone took home some treasures...

This was John David's face after someone told him he looked like Channing Tatum. HA! 
SO thankful for these sweet husbands loving their wives so well, and once again, so thankful for this community group to do life with!

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