Saturday, December 29, 2012

Elle's Birthday Party

Elle Balentine turned 2 a couple weekends ago, and we celebrated at The Little Gym. AKA Lyla's Heaven. Whitney went above and beyond to make it SO cute with a "milk and cookies" theme. We could not have had more fun!!

 Lowen might have taken her first step while we were there. She stood there for so long, and then barely lifted her foot and moved it forward a tiny bit. That counts right?? ;)

 Haley witnessed the "first step" (just don't tell John David)

 sweet girls waiting so patiently for their cake

 Lyla and the birthday girl
 the amazing dessert table!

 Still waiting...I was seriously impressed with their patience.
(they know Rick's cake is well worth the wait)

 And back out for a little more play time before I drug her away.
 Thanks for having us, Elle! We clearly had a blast!

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  1. So glad you guys were able to come!!! I was a fun day!