Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Snow Day and some randoms...

We were shocked to have snow on Christmas Day in Dallas, and then drive back to Fayetteville to find zero snow. However, a couple days after being home we were surprised with some flurries... 

 As we were bundling Lyla up, she said "I want to get down in the snow like this and make a snow angel." Sometimes I don't know where she learns these things.

 After some playtime in the snow, we headed to Tanglewood to meet Martha and Zane...
 A perfect snowy night. A puzzle, fun friends, and some good beer and food. I was a happy girl.
 who says you can't take babies to a bar? ;)

My silly Lyla-Girl. (look at her up on those tippy toes!)
And, I told her to go get dressed and she pretended to put on her bitty baby's clothes...

 All dressed up for church in their new dresses from Mama Sue and Big Daddy!

 I was doing my quiet time the other day, and Lyla came over to ask me what I was doing. I told her I was writing in my journal all the things I was thankful for. So, she told me she wanted to write down all the things she's thankful for, too. We had the best talk about all that we're grateful for. Moments like this, I want to engrain in my memory forever. Thankfully John David grabbed the camera and captured the moment...

 I'm definitely thankful for Martha and Luna and our growing friendships with these sweet girls...
These 2 play so well together and are quite the rockstars. :)

10 months (a week late)

We've entered double digits, which is officially crazy close to having a ONE YEAR OLD. Little love nugget. She's still just the sweetest, most content, laid-back doll baby. I took her to the doctor yesterday for well-check and she weighs 18 lbs, 13 oz and is 27 inches long. 25th percentile for both (which kinda surprised me!)  She still eats 6 oz of formula 4 times a day, and I try really hard to do 3 meals a day. Still a great eater. She's still just standing for a long time, cruising around everything, and crawling insanely fast...but no walking yet. And she's such a little giggle box. We'll be driving, and she's just in the back seat giggling away for no reason. Lyla gets her laughing so hard, and it melts me. Here's her giggle face...

Big Sister wanted in on the photo shoot, too.
Happy 10 months, Lowen!

New Years Eve

Still trying to play catch up! The Greenwoods were in Fayetteville for New Years Eve and we headed to the Square for their "Last Night" celebration. They had a photo booth, face-painting, comedy clubs (which we clearly did not attend), art projects, a balloon guy, a giant puppet parade, funnel cakes, and one of our favorite local bands "3 Penny Acre". All in all, a fun night! And, sidenote, the local news interviewed me while we were there and actually aired my interview on the news that night. Hilarious! I'm pretty much a local celeb.

(Mel was fired up about some funnel cake) ;)

Happy 2013!!! Hope everyone's had a great first week of the new year!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Christmas in D-Town

Somehow all these pictures uploaded out of order. But, it's late and I don't have the time or energy to change it. :) After Texarkana, we headed to Dallas to be with my family. As you can see it was FULL of good ole family fun! Seriously, the cousins got along so well and lots of memories were created as usual. LOVE THIS CREW. Noone else on earth I'd rather be with. :)
(anyone surprised that my child has no clothes on?)

 Lyla and Olivia experienced their first slumber party!! They convinced us to let Lyla spend the night at the Eoffs while JD, Lowen, and I headed back to Cookie and Papo's. These 2 girls stayed up till 10 giggling their hearts out, but then slept through the night (aside from a 6:15 am potty run, and then actually fell back asleep till about 7:45!) Can't believe Lyla is old enough for such things! 

 Making reindeer food :)

 This is how Olivia got Lyla dressed the morning after their slumber party :)

 Lyla's gingerbread house...this was ALL her! 
 Lots of time spent climbing this tree
 Max and his Christmas Teeth
 Right before we headed in to see what Santa brought!

 Mom and Dad opening their pictures that Bobby Neptune took of our family (a whole different post) :)
 Burger House lunch with all the Wood boys and their spouses and kiddos. PLUS Original Lowen and Chris came to meet us and my Lowen finally got to meet her namesake! So special!! 

 Olivia got her first American Girl doll! A big day in a girl's life. :)
 Beautiful Annie and her Ragamuffin cousin
 Sweet cousins playing so well together! Makes my heart so happy!!!

 Olivia pretty much took care of Lowen all week :)

A Very Merry Christmas Indeed!! Thankful for our Savior's Birth!!!!