Thursday, January 3, 2013

Christmas in D-Town

Somehow all these pictures uploaded out of order. But, it's late and I don't have the time or energy to change it. :) After Texarkana, we headed to Dallas to be with my family. As you can see it was FULL of good ole family fun! Seriously, the cousins got along so well and lots of memories were created as usual. LOVE THIS CREW. Noone else on earth I'd rather be with. :)
(anyone surprised that my child has no clothes on?)

 Lyla and Olivia experienced their first slumber party!! They convinced us to let Lyla spend the night at the Eoffs while JD, Lowen, and I headed back to Cookie and Papo's. These 2 girls stayed up till 10 giggling their hearts out, but then slept through the night (aside from a 6:15 am potty run, and then actually fell back asleep till about 7:45!) Can't believe Lyla is old enough for such things! 

 Making reindeer food :)

 This is how Olivia got Lyla dressed the morning after their slumber party :)

 Lyla's gingerbread house...this was ALL her! 
 Lots of time spent climbing this tree
 Max and his Christmas Teeth
 Right before we headed in to see what Santa brought!

 Mom and Dad opening their pictures that Bobby Neptune took of our family (a whole different post) :)
 Burger House lunch with all the Wood boys and their spouses and kiddos. PLUS Original Lowen and Chris came to meet us and my Lowen finally got to meet her namesake! So special!! 

 Olivia got her first American Girl doll! A big day in a girl's life. :)
 Beautiful Annie and her Ragamuffin cousin
 Sweet cousins playing so well together! Makes my heart so happy!!!

 Olivia pretty much took care of Lowen all week :)

A Very Merry Christmas Indeed!! Thankful for our Savior's Birth!!!!

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