Saturday, February 2, 2013

11 Months!

Happy 11 Month Birthday Lowen!!! We celebrated the big day with some Rick's Bakery this morning with fun friends. Any excuse for a donut. :)
It's getting harder and harder to get a picture of this squirmy worm. This is all I got from 2 different photo shoot attempts today:

Oh well. You still get the gist of her cuteness. So, literally the DAY I wrote her 10 month post (one week late) was the day she took her first steps!!! The exact same age Lyla was when she took her first steps. She still is pretty hesitant to walk. She'd much rather do her super fast crawl to get around, but every now and then she'll show off and do a few steps for us. Cutest thing ever. 
So, I might feel differently in a month, but I actually don't feel sad about her turning one. I'm really excited about it. I guess because I know from Lyla that it just keeps getting more and more fun! BUT, I am still going to soak up this last month of her being a "baby" and hopefully motivate myself to plan a little party for her. :) 

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