Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Valentines Getaway

We went on our 2nd annual Valentines Day trip to Big Cedar with several couples in our community group. Except, thankfully, this year I was not 38 weeks and miserably uncomfortable. :) Jan Jan and Pop came up from Texarkana to keep the girls Wednesday through Friday so that John David and I could have a kidless getaway. SUCH a treat! Wednesday night, we went to dinner at the Worman House with all the couples (about 10 couples total). After dinner, we went to Josh and Aubrey's and played a hilarious new game called Quelf. Thursday, we all met for the delicious buffet breakfast, then went to the outlet malls. We ate lunch at Cantina Loredo (JD and I had margaritas and guacamole since we didn't want to get full before our amazing dinner that evening) :) And amazing it was!!

We went to The Top of the Rock. Apparently it's been closed for the past 8 years, and Valentines Day, the night we went, was their first time to re-open. They are building a brand new restaurant to be a part of Big Cedar, and we were blown away! We double dated with Zach and Abra and could not have had more fun. This place was gorgeous...

 When we first got there, they took us on a little tour of the new place. The first room we went in was a fossil museum...pretty amazing.

 It's still under construction, but the scenery was still breath-taking. These pictures don't do it justice. 

 After the museum, we went to a different room for champagne and appetizers. We seriously could not get enough of this place.                                   
We were feeling pretty fancy.

 After champagne and appetizers, we went to the main room for our meal. This was the view from our table.
 And because it's rare for us to be this fancy, I had to take a picture of each course...
 John David's appetizer...3 types of oysters
 My appetizer...bacon wrapped dates
 John David's lobster

 My pork tenderloin
And, the best part, dessert. Caramel filled cookie, vanilla ice cream, and some kind of heavenly nutella mouse. Unbelievable. 

Oh, and there was an incredible jazz band playing right next to us with this super talented girl serenading us. SO beyond thankful for a husband who spoiled me rotten this year!! 

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  1. Oh I'm so excited about the new Top of the Rock! Wes and I had one of my most favorite dates ever there during a summer we worked at different kamps, and I think it burned the following year. It looks breathtaking! I guess Wes and I will need an overnight date there in the future. We've celebrated several anniversaries at Big Cedar! Oh, and you look GORGEOUS! I love feeling like I keep up with you, but I would love to see your face in person sometime!