Sunday, April 7, 2013

A new baby cousin!

Ali and Cody welcomed sweet little Rosemary Lee Deal into the world this week. Ali was induced on Monday morning, so we picked up Lyla from MDO on Monday, and headed down to Texarkana. We got there around 5, and got to visit with Ali for a little bit while she was in labor. She had us all laughing pretty hard. We figured it would be a pretty long evening, so we headed to Ironwood Grill with Pappy (John David's dad) for some dinner. Midway through dinner, we got a text that she was here!! Thankfully, things progressed quickly for Ali and labor was super easy. Praise the Lord! We rushed back from dinner to meet the sweet little bundle...

 Bonus! We got to see Rachel and Will!! 

 (how did we entertain kids before ipads and iphones??)

We headed back to Fayetteville on Tuesday afternoon, so it was a super quick trip but I'm SO glad we got to go and meet sweet Rosemary in her first day of life! She is precious! Congrats, Ali and Cody!!! Can't wait for y'all to see how much fun little girls are! :)

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