Monday, May 13, 2013

Lyla's first bike race

A couple weekends ago, the Joe Martin Stage Race took place in Fayetteville. It's a 4 day professional bike race. Friday night, we took the girls to Dickson Street to watch some of the racers, and the entire time, Lyla was begging to join the race. Saturday morning, John David and Jerod took Lyla and Ava to Devil's Den to watch more of the racers. And then on Sunday, Lyla's turn to participate finally came! We found out that there was a kid's race around the square and Lyla could NOT have been more excited! She woke up that morning, pumped and ready. 

Here's Lyla with one of our friends/neighbors/JD's biking buddy/unbelievable biker, Ali: 
 And Lyla with my cousin, Leighton, who was working the New York Life booth at the event:

 Getting hydrated and registered for the big event :)

 Right before take-off, John David told Lyla that he was going to push her really hard when they said go, and she was all game. However, his foot was on the back of her shoe, so when the race started and he pushed, her little shoe came off and she started to cry. They quickly recouped, and she was off! 

 Showing off her medal she won. And Lowen got one too, simply for being a good spectator (and because our friend Ali was the one passing them out.) ;) 

 We celebrated her completion of the race with some bounce house fun!! SUCH a fun and memorable day!! Can't wait for next year! :)

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