Thursday, September 26, 2013

Lowen at 18 months

This is one of my favorite ages!! Lowen's little personality has come through so much this month, and she is all of a sudden talking up a storm and really starting to repeat everything we say. Her FAVORITE things right now are for sure Peppa Pig!! It's a show on Nick Jr. with British speaking pigs and it's adorable! At least 50% of the day, Lowen is saying "Eppa Pig! Eppa Pig!" And she even ends it with a little snort, like peppa. :) She also LOVES apples...asks for one you'll see in the below pics...this girl has an apple in her hand most of the day. ha! She also loves flashing her cheesy grin every time she sees the camera. Adorable. She also LOVES music...turns everything imaginable into a microphone and is constantly singing and dancing. The second she hears music, she is singing and dancing along. And, I realize this might sound like psycho mom, but I really think she can carry a tune! She will perfectly imitate the tune of songs. Hoping she got her Daddy's musical skills! 

She went for her 18 month check-up this week (even though she's almost 19 months) and weighed exactly 22 pounds (25th percentile) and was exactly 2 feet tall (20th percentile). I was kinda surprised...she seems so chunky to me, but I guess she's actually pretty small for her age! Not for lack of eating, that's for sure. She's a good little eater! 

A couple other things I want to remember...Everytime I'm on the phone, she runs up and says "hi Daddy!!" really excitedly, no matter who I'm talking to. :) She loves the water and loves bathtime. This summer, she seriously wanted us to just let her go and let her swim, and is not afraid to jump right in or put her head under. Slightly frightening if you ask me. :) Around 16 months she went down to one nap a day and naps around noon-3. She's a really good sleeper. And then goes right down about 7:30 each night and sleeps till 7:30 in the morning. That's about all I can think of. And now for some pics...

 (she LOVES her blankies...sleeps with 3 of them! And calls them "dobbies")

 (eating cake for Lyla's birthday)
 (she climbed up here and started singing into it like it was a mike! ha!)

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