Saturday, November 23, 2013

Cat and Mouse Halloween

I'm not very good about planning the girl's halloween costumes. Lyla changes her mind daily on what she wants to be and we have enough costumes in our playroom that there's really no need to buy anything in my opinion. So, this year, she kept saying she wanted to be cinderella. Kristen Cole mentioned that Richard had a mouse costume he wore when he was little and that Lowen could borrow it to be "Gus Gus." I got it at her house the night before halloween when we were having community group. Turns out it was way too big for Lowen, so I didn't think our plan would work. I literally laid out every costume we had 5 minutes before it was time to go...and Lyla picked the mouse and then picked out the Lion costume we had borrowed from Sarah Boyce for Lowen to wear. Perfect. :) We were ready to go! We headed over to Katie Henry's. Her neighbors had a potluck that we joined in on, and John David made a hayride. We had so much fun! :) 

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