Saturday, November 23, 2013

Lyla turns FOUR!

Well, she turned 4 two months ago, but I figured I'd go ahead and document it! :) We started the morning out by surprising her with lots of fun gifts! This girl is SO easy to buy for! After opening her presents, Mel came over to keep Lowen for the morning and I took Lyla on a mommy/daughter date to Ricks and then to get a mani/pedi at Glitterbox. We had SO much fun! That night we went to Jenessa's with some other friends and mommies and ate the Rick's cake she picked out. Then, a couple weeks later, she and Stella had a joint princess party in our backyard. It was super easy and thrown together and turned out to be SO much fun!! My kind of birthday party. :) We convinced our cute young friends to dress up as "real" princesses and they did manicures, put on tattoos, and helped with art projects. It ended up being such a fun party. 

Lyla, you seriously bring us so much JOY! You keep us laughing with your sass and your cute sense of humor. You love to dance, sing, and do gymnastics (and I must say, you have a pretty killer cartwheel!). You love books, movies, and coloring. You practice writing your letters everyday (all on your own!) and are getting really good at them! You love writing notes to people, and you could color with your markers for hours! You are such a sweet big sister. You love to protect Lowen, hug and kiss on her, and teach her good manners. I'm so thankful she has such an incredible example to look up to! You have such a tender heart for Jesus and you seem to have a really good grasp on the gospel for your age. I love having spiritual conversations with you and watching your mind at work. The other night, you were praying before bed, and you said, "Thank you Jesus for coming to the earth to die on the Cross for all our sins. Then you went into a cave, and rose from the dead!" That pretty much sums it up! Brought my eyes to instant tears to hear you say those words, and it's my biggest prayer for you that you would truly grasp the meaning of them. I love you, Lyla Bear!!! Happy 4th Birthday!!! 

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