Friday, February 7, 2014

Disney World!!!!! (Day One)

Anybody who knows Lyla, knows her love for Princesses and Disney movies. She's literally been begging since she was 2 years old to go to Disney World. (I don't even know how she knew about it!) And, I mean, has talked about it DAILY...asking when we are going to go, and telling everyone we see that we are going soon. She pretends to pack suitcases and picks out dresses for when she'll meet the princesses, etc. We even started a piggie bank a couple years ago, and EVERY coin she ever finds, she gets so excited and says "Disney World money!!" 

SO, I've known for a while that we definitely needed to plan a's just hard to know WHEN. Do we wait until Lowen's older?? But then we were afraid the magic would be gone for Lyla. Anyway, JD and I have talked about it a lot. And finally, right after Christmas, we decided to just take all our Christmas money and book a last minute trip...with JUST Lyla!! We knew January wouldn't be very crowded, and in true Blagg form, booked a spontaneous last minute trip for just 2.5 weeks later!! ;) 

So, January 19th, we found ourselves in Orlando ready to begin the long anticipated adventures of Disney!! It's funny because I know people plan these trips for MONTHS, and to be honest, I had a little anxiety that I wasn't prepared enough. But, God truly guided our time and allowed each day to be perfect!! We got to to do and see everything I would have wanted to (and more!) 

We stayed at Port Orleans Riverside was great. A cute little room with a fold out bed for Lyla (which she thought was really cool). We had rented a car from the airport, so we never even used the bus system. We just drove to each park, so that was nice. As soon as we got checked in on day one, we headed straight to Epcot. 

 Ready to go with her sunglasses, "First Visit" button, and her magic band!! 
 Our first stop was the Finding Nemo Ride. Lyla LOVED it, and wanted to do it over and over again. We had to assure her that there were many other things to see/do. :) We actually spent a lot of time here. We did "Talk time with Crush", which was cute. Then we walked around the aquarium, checking out the manatees and getting our picture taken with Bruce...
We then headed to the Character Meet and Greet, and ran into Mary Poppins along the way!! Our first celebrity sighting! So exciting!! ;) Lyla was shy and wanted me to be in the picture with her. She has since asked if we can go back to Disney World so she can get her picture with Mary Poppins by herself. :) 
 Character Meet and Greet Time! We got to meet the Big Boss, Mickey, along with Minnie, and Goofy. Lyla was super excited to meet Minnie!! Good thing she had her new Minnie Ears on! :) 

 Although this next pic is blurry, I love it. JD LOVED Epcot. I think he literally felt like he got to go to all these countries. It really is amazing how they make you feel like you are traveling around the world. So, he got a good Guinness in Ireland, and was a happy boy strolling around the world with the Eiffel Tower in the background of course. :)
 As we were strolling through Germany, we spotted Snow White, so we quickly got in line to meet her. The guy doing security came up to us and asked if we would be willing to let some people get in front of us so that we could be at the end of the line and Lyla would get to walk around with Snow White, holding hands! Um, YES!! So, Snow White told Lyla that Dopey the Dwarf was playing hide and seek and she needed Lyla's help finding her. They literally walked all over, with a mob following them. Such a fun, exciting way to start our trip!! 

 They finally found Dopey in the store! :) 

 We then headed to our dinner reservations at Akershus in Norway. It was a princess dinner, and she got to meet Belle, Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, Ariel, and her BFF Snow White...

 (mid-dinner, they did a princess parade through the restaurant and Lyla got to hold Cinderella's hand) 

And we ended our magical day with a little dessert trio! I'd say it was a pretty amazing first day for our little Princess-Lover! I told John David at the end of the night that we could fly home the next morning and it would have been worth it! :) 

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